Revamp Manager Sold a Saddle for a Camel – in Castleisland

To the people who love Castleisland for its ancient self, last week was a good one.

History will show that, on the last week of a bleak January 2018, The Market House fought its way back into the local consciousness as a hub of commerce and industry.

Varied History

It has done everything else in its long and varied history: butter market; courthouse; jail; tea-dance rooms and more –  and all the way back to 1747.

Now it’s home to Kingdom Furniture Revamp and it’s bristling. And they have a workshop nearby as well.

The development is welcomed on several fronts by locals. It reopens and displays the ancient and historic splendour of one of our most iconic buildings.

Light in the Window

There’s also the solace of the ‘light in the window’ that only the industry of a busy market place can cast, exude and reassure.

And the story from within is good too. The people who man / woman the building are delighted with the move to main street trading on Main Street.

Happy and all as they were in their former premises at The Crageens, they were nowhere as busy as they are now. In fact, they have become a focus of attention in their new location.

Passing Footfall

The product of their industry lends itself to be used by passing footfall and you’ll find people dropping in for a chat and testing the range of chairs and sofas on the spacious salesroom floor.

There are enough books to start a small library and manager, Eugene Glover said that they have a stock of CDs, DVDs and items like old typewriters and there’s an impressively matured radiogram occupying one of the main window slots.

Eight-year-old Company

All the stock on show has been donated to the near eight year old revamp company.

The main goals of Kerry’s foremost furniture recycling group include the supply and upcycle of quality products at competitive prices.

“We aim to provide our customers with excellent levels of service and support. If you are finished with a piece of household furniture we can revamp it and pass it on to a new home and save it from being dumped,” said Eugene.

A Saddle for a Camel

I asked Eugene what was the strangest item he sold on behalf of Kingdom Revamp to date: “A saddle for a camel,” he replied and waited for a reaction. How, when why and where ?

“Like everything we get in, it was donated and it was hanging around and we decided to to put it on our site and we sold it that way. I think it may have been bought as a novelty item,” he said.

If you can sell saddle for a camel in Castleisland you can sell anything.


The Kingdom Furniture Revamp Store is open six days a week. From Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and on Saturdays from 10am to 4pm. And there are no lunch-time closings on any of the days.

It’s a great start to the new year for Kingdom Ravamp and for The Market House itself.

The building has dominated the scene at the Latin Quarter for generations before the Con Houlihan rechristening of the area.

Proud old Building

It’s a very small thing that doesn’t lift the spirits of a community. This reawakening, resurgance, revamp has certainly done that for the proud old building , for its neighbours and for the people who love Castleisland for its ancient self.

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