The day Ciaran Fleming created space for Stephen Hawking in Davy Byrne’s

Stephen Hawkings & Ciaran Fleming 1
Professor Stephen Hawking and former Castleisland Community College Science teacher, Ciaran Fleming during their encounter in Davy Byrne’s Bar in Dublin.

The news of the death of the brilliant human being, Stephen Hawking this morning will have woken many to a cloud of sadness.

With so much to fathom and understand about the wonderful world we live in and badly abuse.

An Experience of a Lifetime

A Castleisland man had a pint of stout with the great man in Davy Byrne’s Bar in Dublin about a decade ago and he (the Castleisland man) described it as an experience of a lifetime.

Former Castleisland Vocation School and Community College Science teacher, Ciaran Fleming described the situation in the pub on that mid afternoon:

A Commotion at the Front Door

“A number of years ago my wife Joan and I were in Dublin  on a shopping mission. This usually follows a familiar pattern, she goes to Brown Thomas and I go to Davy Byrne’s just off Grafton’s St. for liquid embellishments.

It was lunchtime so the pub was fairly busy. Suddenly there was a commotion at the front door and to my amazement Stephen Hawking was wheeled in with his entourage. I was aware that he was in Dublin, giving a lecture in Trinity College.

A Fan and an Admirer

I was always a great fan and admirer of this amazing man. As a science teacher I had a basic knowledge of some of his work especially in relation to Black Holes in space.

I created a space around my table and offered it to them. They were extremely grateful and gracious.

While I did not communicate directly with the great man, yet, when I offered him a pint of Guinness I knew we were telepathically connected.

Treasured Possessions

His secretary offered to take a photograph of the two of us. Having taken my details she promised to forward the photograph in due course.

Six weeks later she fulfilled her promise I got the photograph, together with a very nice letter.

Naturally I treasure this photograph and meeting him really instilled in me that we are all, in his own words: ‘Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants’ – and he is one of the greatest of those.”


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