Tom Will Have You Jiving Mad in a Matter of Weeks

Tom Jive
Tom Jive. He’ll fix one of your left legs and have you jiving in a matter of weeks.

“If you have two left feet I’ll make one of them right,” – that’s a promise from a dance / jive instructor with the stage name, Tom Jive.

With television exposure now driving the country music explosion throughout the country, there is huge demand for classes like those being provided by ‘Mr. Jive.’

Fred and Ginger were beginners – Once!

As if you weren’t convinced already, the bould Tom drops another motivational rock in your pool:

“Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers were both beginners once you know – both walked into their first dance class.”

Tom Jive has over 20 years dancing and teaching experience from all the dance halls in Ireland London and Boston. Having won many competitions in different styles, he has been taught by great dance masters around the world.

Competent Dancers in Weeks

“Tom is now passing on his skills and vast experience to enthusiastic students around Ireland for the last few years and in Kerry, classes in Castleisland and Dingle have been set up.

He promises to turn absolute beginners into competent dancers by week four.

Teaching the ‘Ladies Steps’ he shows the gentlemen how to properly hold their partners – and, if you think you know it all, Tom will show experienced dancers how to improve their timing and learn new moves.

Just Arrive and Jive

“You can bring your own partner or Tom will pair you with another student, all you have to do is Arrive and Jive. You will never sit out a dance at a function or wedding again,” said his spokesperson and former student.

Tom Jive’s four-week run of classes begin in Castleisland on Sunday, April 8th at An Riocht AC from 7pm to 8.30pm. Cost: €40. Class times: Junior Jive from 6 to 16 yrs old at to 6.45pm. Cost: €5 per class. Contact: 087 39 95 877. Contact-banner

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