Former Mountjoy Boss To Address Castleisland Audience

Castleisland Interagency Youth Forum will welcome former Governor of Mountjoy John Lonergan to Castleisland on Tuesday evening, April 24th at 7.30pm in the River Island Hotel.
A native of Co. Tipperary, Mr. Lonergan first entered the prison service in 1968 and spent the following 42 years there before retiring in 2010. Twenty four of those years were spent as the most senior prison officer in Ireland.

Irish Society
During those prison service years, he witnessed human nature at its worst and sometimes, quite unexpectedly, at its best, leading to his developing a perceptive understanding, not just of human nature but of Irish society as a whole.
Mr. Lonergan will share his thoughts on issues like parenting and its challenges and the rewards .

Sport So Important
He will focus on areas like: making a difference to others; the importance of community; why we can’t enforce change on others; drugs in our society; confronting bullying in our society; reducing the risks of suicides; balancing our lives between work, home and family and why sport is so important.

Genuinely Engaging
He is an accomplished, inspirational and thought-provoking speaker, whose manner and delivery are genuinely engaging and who provides his audiences with plenty of food for thought. Admission is free and all are welcome. No booking required.


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