Graveyard Committee Hands Over Funds and Responsibility

Castleisland Graveyard Committee outgoing members, Sheila Greaney (left) and Betty McAuliffe presenting their remaining funds to: Helen and Pat O’Connor and Jimmy O’Connell who will take over the duties. ©Photograph: John Reidy
Castleisland/London Reunion organiser, Neil Hickey presents a cheque for £900 to Betty McAuliffe who accepted on behalf of St. John’s Graveyard Committee. On left is Neil’s mother and graveyard committee member, Maureen. The cheque represented the proceeds of the 1999 reunion. ©Photograph: John Reidy 15-5-2000

After 21 years of community dedication and voluntary service, the Castleisland Graveyard Committee has stepped down and handed over its duties and funds.

Formed in 1997, the committee took on responsibility for the upkeep of all the local graveyards and the associated fundraising to allow for work to be carried out in these.

The First Mass

Fr. Patsy Lynch obliged by saying the first mass in St. John’s Cemetery. The committee’s fundraising activities included private donations, events and going out on The Biddy.

Its funds were greatly boosted by a donation of £900 from the 2000 Castleisland / London Reunion Committee under the chairmanship of Neil Hickey.

This resulted in the building of the grotto and the erecting of the huge cross in St. John’s Cemetery on which Dan Lynch and Johnny Foran did a lot of voluntary work.

Subsequent Development

“Shrubs, plants and flowers were planted by the committee at the entrance and throughout the cemetery there.

“However, a lot of this work was destroyed by subsequent development by Kerry County Council on the site,” according to members of the outgoing committee.


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