Pres Castleisland Girls Prevail Over Pres Killarney

Presentation Castleisland First Year Gaelic Football team members pictured after their win over Presentation Killarney in the Presentation Schools’ Ladies Gaelic Football Shield Final at Dr. Crokes GAA Club Grounds in Killarney on Monday.
Front row, from left: Kelly Anne Nix, Emma Buckley, Aisling Shire, Sophia McGaley-Hayes, Hanna Herlihy, Abbie Kelliher, Saoirse McKenna and Jessica Herbert. Back row: Katelyn Curtin, Cara Fleming, Joanna Moynihan, Tara Enright, Katie Cotter, Danielle Moriarty, Emma O’Sullivan, Chantelle Broderick, Megan Brennan, Laura Cotter, Sharon Lane and Ella Walshe. Additional panel members: Fiona Brosnan, Muireann McBride, Megan Enright and Caoimhe Dairo. Photograph: Karen O’Connor
Pres player and U-14 Kerry panelist, Hanna Herlihy got the Player of the Match Award for her striking performance at midfield. Photograph: Karen O’Connor.

Presentation Castleisland girls pitted their Gaelic football skills against Presentation Killarney in the Presentation Schools’ Ladies Gaelic Football Shield Final.

By: Karen O’Connor

A new initiative aimed at first year students, the final was played on Monday in Dr. Crokes GAA grounds in Lewis Road, Killarney

“Our students successfully secured the silverware on offer with an impressive performance throughout and finished the game on a final score of 6-13 to 7-2.

A Close Encounter

The game was a closer encounter than the score suggests as the Castleisland girls proved clinical in the final quarter.

This burst placed them in the lead. Hanna Herlihy, current U-14 Kerry panellist, was chosen as Player of the Match with a striking performance at midfield.

Decisive Performances

The performance of her centre-field partner Emma Buckley also proved decisive. Danielle Moriarty’s presence in the back-line kept Killarney at bay on numerous occasions aided by strong performances from Saoirse McKenna and Ella Walsh.

Emma O’Sullivan at full forward finished the game with a tally of five points whilst Abbie Kelliher proved an excellent impact sub in the second half.

Thanks to the Presentation Sisters, Killarney for their kind sponsorship of the competition. It is a most rewarding and enjoyable competition for all of our young ladies.

Presentation Castleisland Panel

Panel: 1.Katie Cotter; 2. Saoirse McKenna; 3.Ella Walsh; 4.Jessica Herbert; 5.Chantelle Broderick; 6. Danielle Moriarty; 7.Tara Enright; 8.Hanna Herlihy; 9.Emma Buckley; 10.Joanna Moynihan; 11.Aisling Shire; 12.Sophia McGaley-Hayes; 13.Cara Fleming; 14.Emma O’Sullivan; 15.Katelyn Curtin. Subs: Abbie Kelliher, Kelly Anne Nix, Laura Cotter, Megan Brennan, Sharon Lane, Muireann McBride, Fiona Brosnan, Megan Enright, Caoimhe Dairo.


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