St. Patrick’s and Presentation Transition Year Graduations and Awards

Presentation Principal, Katherina Broderick with award winners: Eibhlis Brosnan, Diligence and Contribution Award; Joyce O’ Connor, Student of the Year; Laura Daly, Spirit of T.Y.; Garry O’Sullivan, Diligence and Contribution Award and St. Patrick’s Principal, Denis O’Donovan.

On Monday evening, St Patrick’s and Presentation Secondary schools held their Transition Year Graduations and Awards night.

In a packed St John’s Hall, parents, family and friends of the Transition Year class of 2017-18 looked back on a year of full of learning, development, challenges and enjoyment.

Progressed as Individuals

The Transition Year students took the crowd through a presentation on their year, explaining the experiences they had learned most from, the fun they had on a variety of trips, and they shared their reflections on where they had progressed most as individuals.

Certificate Presentations

The 52 students were then presented with their certificates, booklets including their Transition Year Cert, first aid qualifications, safe food qualifications, driver education certs, junk kouture competition certs and a variety of in school certificates for a range of achievements throughout the year.

President’s Award Programme

Students also achieved bronze Gaisce medals for their completion of the President’s Award Programme during their T.Y.

During Monday evening’s event the T.Y. classes had their portfolios of work on display around the hall.

These extremely impressive portfolios charted their academic and holistic progress allowing students to display their own individual talents combined with their school work.

Senior Cycle Studies

Teachers and principals from both schools congratulate the T.Y. students of 2017/18 and look forward to working with them in their senior cycle studies.

As is the nature of school life, the conveyor belt of brillance moved on when, on Tuesday the 29th., an induction day for next year’s T.Y. students was held to give them a glimpse ahead to their T.Y. 2018/19 and to take part in team building activities.


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