Mick Flannery to Play the First of ‘The Island Sessions’

Mick Flannery – playing at Browne’s on Sunday night in the inaugural Island Sessions gig.
Kate McSweeney – of Kate & The Mad Ones – hosting the first of ‘The Island Sessions’ at Browne’s Bar on Sunday night. ©Photograph: John Reidy

Mick Flannery is making the trip to Castleisland this Sunday for what will be a truly magical evening in the intimate setting of Browne’s where he plays the inaugural Island Sessions.

By Kate McSweeney

Mick will be joined on the night by Jeffrey Martin from Portland, Oregon, also an acclaimed musician. The two acts combined is sure to be a real treat for music lovers in the Kingdom.

The Island Sessions

The concept of The Island Sessions is to celebrate the musician in an intimate setting with great sound, to listen to the stories behind the songs they have written and to hear them being performed in a stripped back form.

Sense of Atmosphere

It is our hope that The Island Sessions will create a sense of atmosphere in the town of Castleisland. These gigs will be held between 7-9pm in the evening and will last about 2 hours. They should provide us with reason to carve time out of busy schedules and relax with a glass of vino or cool beer in hand.

The Perfect Excuse

They will provide the perfect opportunity to grab a bite to eat pre gig and head for our local taverns straight afterwards inspired by the sounds just heard. The Island Sessions should be the perfect excuse text a friend or a family member living somewhere else and say ‘C’mon, Castleisland is the place to be’.

A Dream Come True

To have someone of the calibre of Mick Flannery perform at Browne’s is a dream come true-an award winning- double platinum selling artist and a songwriter of the absolute highest standard – to say we are looking forward to his visit is an understatement. One needs only listen to a sample of Mick’s large body of work to be aware of the level of his talent both as a writer and as a musician.

Topic for Current Times

His songs deal vary from personal laments to societal injustices often with a touch of Mick’s characteristically dark humour.

His latest single ‘Rosaleen’ deals with how the women of this country has been let down by our country again and again – an apt topic in current times.

Jeffrey and Mick will play Browne’s this Sunday night at 7.30pm. The gig is sold out.


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