Dysart Bridge Expected to be Open for August Bank Holiday Weekend

An update from this afternoon as Dysart Bridge was being prepared for its hoped for early August re-opening date.
©Photograph: John Reidy 27-7-2018
Dysart Bridge from the same angle as above as the preparatory work was getting under way in early May. ©Photograph: John Reidy 03/05/2018
Inishbofin native, Seán Aybeta (left) and Niall Casey from Scartaglin at work on Dysart Bridge this afternoon. ©Photograph: John Reidy 27-7-2018

A source close to the construction work on Dysart Bridge confirmed a local rumour today that the bridge could be ready to open in early August.

If it happens that would be a couple of weeks ahead of the scheduled August 25th initially believed to be the opening date.

Favourable Weather

“The weather has been very favourable and we’ve taken advantage of that to do an overlay of the road surface from the Garda Eugene Leonard Roundabout to Lisheenbawn Cross,” said the source.

Percentage for Unforeseen

“While every effort is being made to have the bridge open for the August bank holiday weekend we also have to insert a five to ten percent uncertainty clause into that – to take the unforeseen into account.”

Broad Welcome

The news of the early re-opening of the bridge will be broadly welcomed by everyone using the Killarney Road either way as a direct route to their destinations – and by the business people of the town.

It will also be a blessed relief to the people who live along the Camp Road. They have been inundated with diverted traffic since the closure of the old bridge on May 25th.

Minor Scrapes

Though there were many minor scrapes and close shaves on some of the back roads in the area since the closure of the bridge, nothing major was reported in spite of the volume of traffic these roads had to cope with.


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