Memorabilia SOS From Killorglin Rugby Club

Killorglin Rugby Club members on the trail of photographs. Included are: Leslie West, John Healy, Tom Curtayne and Katie Graham, PRO.
The Killorglin Rugby Club team from the 1932/33 season. Front row: Joe Mangan (left) and Joe O’Shea. Middle row from left: Des Brennan, Frank Paul McCarthy, Morgan O’Brien, Ted Mangan, Jeremiah Grady and John A Foley. Back from left: Denis Mangan, Patsy O’Connell, Pa Mahony, Brud Kelleher, Patie ‘Barkie’ Flynn, Tom Mangan and Maurice Kelliher.
A more modern day Killorglin Rugby Club photograph from 2011. Front from left: David O’Carroll, Noel O’Reilly, Dave Coffey, Dave O’Sullivan, James Hayes, Luke O’Shea and Darren Curtayne. Back from left: Derek Twiss, Barry Sheehan, Chris O’Sullivan, John James Johnson, Tony Lynch, Andrew O’Reilly, John ‘Twin’ O’Sullivan, Michael Breen, Liam Walsh, Robert Coffey and Kevin McEnery.

The modern day Killorglin Rugby Football Club turns 20 this September and the club members are in the process of collecting old photographs, newspaper articles, jerseys, match reports and general memorabilia.

Killorglin Rugby Club was first founded in 1885 and disbanded in 1935. It was reborn in 1973 but due to lack of numbers finished up again in 1981.

1999 – A New Beginning

“In the 1990s rugby was being played in the local secondary school and then in 1999 the modern era of Killorglin RFC was founded,” said researcher, Katie Graham.

“The goal is to hold a social evening in September and invite old members, showcase what we find and exchange some ‘old war’ stories.

Photos From 1973 – 1981

“A big hope is to find a picture of a team or a game shot from the 1973-1981 team as none of the players from that era have a photo of them in a Killorglin RFC jersey.

“I have tracked down some match reports, short newspaper articles and we have the old minutes from meetings and annual general meetings but a photo would be lovely to have,” said Katie.

Struggling for Images

“We have three team photos from the old days, one from 1927/1928, and two from the 1932/33 season as well as a good few newspaper articles and match reports from this era as well.

“We are also struggling for images from 1999-2005, and have limited images from 2006-2010. I am in the process of contacting old club members and asking them to do some digging through their files.

List of Photographers

“I have a list of local photographers to contact as well and if anyone has any advice about who I should talk to it would be much appreciated.

“If anyone happens to have any images and would be willing to send them on it would be greatly appreciated,” said Katie in conclusion.

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