No Posters Please – Tidy Towns Plea to Local Election Candidates

Images of then Taoiseach Bertie Ahern and then local TD Thomas McEllistrim got the treatment in Ballymacelligott on election night 2007. ©Photograph: John Reidy 25/05/2007

Even though the four-seater, Castleisland area is expected to become a hothouse in the run-up to and during the May 24th local elections – the hothouse flowers are being requested to desist from political postering within the town limits.

Tuppence Ha’penny in Time

“Things seem to be starting to pick up apace for the local elections, so, we in Tidy Towns had better put our tuppence ha’penny in there in time,” said Mary Walsh in an unambiguous opening salvo and in spite of the fact that those to whom the anti poster rule applies may well be ‘in power’ come Tidy Towns high season.

Within Town Limits

“For many years now we in Tidy Towns have had a policy to ask election candidates not to erect any posters within the town limits. To date candidates have been very sympathetic to this cause and we are appealing to them to respect the streets of our town during the forthcoming canvass,” said Mary.

Litter and Tidiness

“This request is on the grounds of litter and tidiness and for environmental reasons. Nobody has to be reminded surely of the need for sustainability and waste reduction.

“We would also remind them to be aware when handing out election fliers to households. They all eventually end up in the bin.

“Having said all that we wish each and every candidate the best of luck in the election and look forward to their support for Tidy Towns in the future,” said Ms. Walsh.

Billboards and Posters Defaced

Unfortunately, there has been a trend in recent years where billboards and posters in rural areas have been defaced. This is almost always under the cover of darkness, it’s an act of pure cowardice and in stark contrast to the courage of those who put themselves forward and before the people at election times.

You may not agree with a candidate’s politics or party but they deserve the respect of the community they stand for and should expect to be treated accordingly.

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