Full Road Closure It Is on College Road While Resurfacing Lasts

Insets: Charlie O’Sullivan, Kerry County Council’s Director of Roads and Transportation (left) and Cllr. Jackie Healy Rae set against the cut of College Road this evening as road resurfacing work began this morning behind closed barriers. ©Photographs: John Reidy
College Road as we’ve never seen it before as work got under way on resurfacing today. ©Photograph: John Reidy

In spite of a cast iron – if you’ll pardon the unpardonable – guarantee to Cllr. Charlie Farrelly at the weekend that a full road closure would not be put in place on College Road this week, the road is as fully closed as it can be this evening.

The surface of the road has been removed from the old library to the ‘The Masters’ national school and the barriers are well and truly up.

Old Cast Iron Pipes

The resurfacing work has been necessitated by Irish Water’s work in digging up and replacing the old cast iron pipes which had been contaminating the supply to residents of the road up to Kilbanivane.

Cllr. Farrelly got his ‘no full closure’ guarantee from what he described as ‘Senior Management at Kerry County Council.

However, as work began at 7:30am this morning that guarantee was not holding water as the machinery moved in and the barriers went up across the entire width of the road from Tom Bastible’s to the old library.

Email from Cllr. Healy Rae

Then, this evening an email landed from Cllr. Jackie Healy Rae which claimed in bold capital letters that it contained the most ‘up to date, FACTUAL, information in relation to the works on College Road, Castleisland from the Director of Roads and Transportation Charlie O’Sullivan.’
Mr. O’Sullivan’s letter to Cllr. Healy Rae reads as follows:
“Dear Councillor,
Kerry County Council has appointed a contractor to carry out improvement works on the L-2029 College Road, Castleisland, which commenced this morning.

Planing off 300mm

The works involve planing off the existing pavement to a depth of up to 300 mm and relaying a new pavement surface over a distance of 300m.

In appointing the contractor, cognizance was given to ensuring that the works were completed during the school summer holidays.

It is not possible to maintain traffic flow due to the risk of potential damage to services, the constraints with the width of the existing road and for the safety of road users.

Road Closure – A Necessity

Unfortunately, it was necessary to close the road to facilitate the works.
Local diversions have been put in place, in consultation with local businesses / schools, and provision made for local residents to park their vehicles outside the area of the works.

Information notices are being issued through Radio Kerry and will continue until the road re-opens. Pedestrian access is being maintained.

Short Notice Regretted
I regret that the notification issued in relation to the road closure was very short, but given the critical requirement to have the works completed before the re-opening of the schools, it is necessary to have the works carried out this week.

Whilst the notification has advised that the road closure is required until Sunday, this is to allow for any unforeseen events.

Accelerated Delivery

The contractor has advised that he is working to accelerate the delivery of the works and would hope to have the road re-opened to traffic earlier than projected.
I apologise for not notifying you earlier of the requirement to close the road.
Charlie O’Sullivan.

Residents along the College Road area have been given special passes to place on the windscreens of their cars while parked away from their property.

Traffic wardens have been notified of this but they ask that the residents park legally and safely for the duration of the week.