Wellbeing Week Ends with Hoisting of Amber Flag at The Pres

Management, staff and students at Presentation Castleisland before the raising of their Amber Flag. Included are, front from left: Emily Walsh, Naoimi O’Neill, Maura Daly and Rachel Griffin.Back from left: Katherina Broderick, principal; Karen O’Connor, teacher with students: Rebecca Murphy, Laura Daly, Laura Ward, Emma Daly, Laura Kelly, Siobhan Brosnan, Marie Daly, Cerys Rider, Alison Ward, Katie O’ Driscoll, Caoimhe Scanlon, Olivia Key, Amy Mulvihill, Ellie Mai Walsh and teachers: Monica Murphy and Maireád Lane Cronin. ©Photograph: John Reidy
First year students at Presentation Castleisland with their WorldWise Global Schools Banner. Front from left: Olivia Key, Naomi O’Neill, Rebecca Murphy, Kate O’Driscoll, Laura Kelly, Caoimhe Scanlon, Laura Ward and Amy Mulvihill. Back from left: Louise Daly, Ellie Mai Walsh, Emma Daly and Emily Walsh. ©Photograph: John Reidy

The students and staff at Presentation Castleisland strive to create a learning environment which promotes health and well-being in addition to encouraging the academic endeavours’ students strive for.

Beginning in 2016, the school’s ‘Wellbeing Week’ has grown immensely to now include popular physical activities such as Zumba and trail walking in addition to the visit of several guest speakers and workshops.

Importance of a Healthy Diet

Nutritionist Susie Cox spoke to Junior Cycle students highlighting the importance of a healthy diet in academic and sporting success.

Life coach and motivational speaker Astrid Longhurst spoke to fifth year students regarding her lifelong struggle developing a positive sense of self and body image.

Astrid challenged students to become their own best friend and persevere when challenges present themselves.

Character Development Workshops

The SOAR Foundation, from Dublin, travelled to Castleisland last week also and presented character development workshops which enabled young people to share their thoughts, fears and emotions. Soar is a collective movement which believes that there is greatness within all young people.

SOAR workshops empower young people to thrive, believe in themselves and fulfil their true potential, a most important sentiment of our school’s ‘Wellbeing Week’.

An All-School Effort

The Amber Flag for Positive Mental Health is presented to schools which actively endeavour to promote and support positive mental health in their school community.

Presentation Secondary School, Castleisland achieved this flag in 2019 and proudly launched the flag on Monday afternoon under the stewardship of Ms. O’Connor, Ms. Lane and guest speaker Astrid Longhurst.

“Well done to all involved as this achievement required much organisation, enthusiasm and action and was an all school effort,” said teacher Mairead Lane.