Talbot Grove Rebranded to ‘The Grove’

At The Grove for the re-branding were: Meadbh O’Connor, receptionist; Peggy Keane, counsellor; Marie McEllistrim, receptionist; Miney Hartnett, maintenance; Sean Fleming, deputy director and CEO, Dolores Tiernan. Photograph: Valerie O’Sullivan

Kerry-based addiction treatment centre Talbot Grove has announced that from now, the centre will be known as The Grove.

New Identity
To coincide with this new identity, The Grove unveiled their new logo which features a birch leaf.
“We are delighted to introduce our new identity as it signifies change and progress which is critical for the growth of every organisation and individual,” said The Grove’s CEO Dolores Tiernan.

Birch Leaf Logo

“At The Grove everyone affected by addiction is welcome.
“The birch leaf that is now part of our logo is the ancient Celtic symbol of new beginnings.

“We think that message is particularly appropriate for us as an addiction treatment centre and it also serves as an important reminder for all of those who pass through our doors, who are beginning their journey to recovery or reviewing their recovery status,” said Ms. Tiernan.
Annual Report Details
To coincide with the announcement of their new identity, The Grove also announced the details of their annual report.
The review found that the number of clients presenting with cocaine addiction continue to climb – in 2017, incidents of cocaine addiction doubled at the centre and a further 5% increase was reported in 2018.

Increase in Younger Clients

The report also found an increase in younger clients – in 2018, there was a 30% increase in clients aged between 24 and 29.
The success of addiction treatment centres is evidenced by treatment completion rates – 94% of clients went on to attend Continuing Care programmes, which provide essential on-going support to clients in recovery.

About The Grove
The Grove, located in Castleisland, Co. Kerry, was established in 1993 to treat people with addictions and other related issues. All treatments are broadly based on a combination of the Minnesota Model of Addiction Treatment and the 12-Step approach originally developed by Alcoholics Anonymous.
30 Day Treatment Programme
The Grove offers a 30-Day Residential Treatment programme which includes individual and group counselling alongside yoga and mindfulness, as well as Continuing Care and Concerned Persons programmes for family members.
To find out more call 066 7141511 to speak to a counsellor in confidentiality or visit www.thegrove.ie