Castleisland Parish Choir in Carol Service on Sunday at 5pm

Ailish Walsh-O’Connor will conduct the Castleisland Parish Choir during its carol service at the Church of Saints Stephen and John on the coming Sunday at 5pm. ©Photograph: John Reidy

The Castleisland Parish Choir will perform a Carol Service on the coming Sunday, December 15th. at the Church of Saints Stephen and John at 5pm.

The choir will be singing all the much loved Christmas carols with one or two new pieces and some solos as well.

The choir members have chosen My Canine Companion and Down Syndrome Kerry as the charities to benefit from this year’s concert.

Donations at the Door

Donations will be gratefully received at the door and proceeds will be split between the two charities and will stay in the locality.

The choir will also be singing at midnight mass on Christmas Eve and at the mass on Christmas morning.

The 7.30pm mass on Christmas Eve is going back to the children’s choir as it used to be many years ago.

My Canine Companion

My Canine Companion is a national charity which was founded in June 2011.

The main purpose of the registered charity is to provide highly trained and skilled service dogs to people with disabilities and particularly to children with autism.

The charity is committed to helping children with autism and their families gain independence, companionship and safety.

The charity doesn’t receive any government funding and it relies solely on organised charity events, collections and charitable donations.

Down Syndrome Kerry

Down Syndrome Kerry’s goal is to help people with Down Syndrome make their own futures as bright and independent as possible by providing them with education, support and friendship every step of the way.

Over 200 members of all ages are engaged throughout the county. DSI Kerry provides speech therapy and occupational therapy to supplement inadequate state provision.

It provides training and advice to professionals and organises social and sporting events for members as well as seasonal employment for young people.

The charity receives no state support and all activities and services depend on the contributions of its members and the generosity of the public.