PO’D Cast Advice to Kerry Independents – No Thank You say Healy Raes

Kerry Independent TD Michael Healy Rae is passing up on advice from Limerick FG TD Patrick O’Donovan on roles in government formation. MHR Photograph: John Reidy

“It’s time for the Healy Raes to clarify their position on going into Government, a Fine Gael TD has said.

Limerick Fine Gael TD Deputy Patrick O’Donovan, is asking why certain members of the 33rd Dáil are running away from responsibility now that the time has come for government formation.

“Certain TDs have been sitting on the side-lines as we approach the first sitting of the 33rd Dáil and it is simply not good enough,” said Deputy O’Donovan.

Healy Raes and the Hard Left

“It is time for the Healy Raes as well as independent and hard left members of the 33rd Dáil to clarify their position on going into Government.

“Sinn Féin say they want a government of the left; they now have the opportunity to create one and why the radio silence from their would be partners in Government?

“Hard left TDs like Richard Boyd Barrett, Paul Murphy, Joan Collins and Bríd Smith have the opportunity to form the socialist utopia they’ve been waxing lyrical about in the Dáil for years.

Running from Responsibility

“Why aren’t they stepping up to the plate now? Are they running away from responsibility?

“What is the position of the Soc Dems Leaders Rósín Shortall and Catherine Murphy and their newly elected TDS? Where do Independent TDs like Mattie McGrath, the Healy Raes and Catherine Connolly stand?

“The electorate deserve to know where their local TDs stand on this matter. I am calling on the Healy Raes to clarify their position,” Deputy O’Donovan concluded.

Healy Raes Don’t Need O’Donovan’s Advice

In response to Deputy O’Donovan’s prompting, Kerry constituency poll-topper, Deputy Michael Healy Rae said that their position is clear.

My position is very clear on this. I have clearly stated that I will talk to anyone who wants to talk to me and will discuss any aspect of the formation of a government with any grouping.

Government Rejected

Neither I nor my brother Danny need Patrick O’Donovan to tell us how to do our work.

He was a member of the outgoing government who were rejected and now their answer is that they won’t talk to anybody.

‘Dictating What We Should Do’

In the absence of they doing anything the best he can come up with to is to dictate what we should be doing.

We are meeting with Sinn Féin tommorrow quite simply as they have asked us to do so and we will continue to meet with others if we are asked over the coming days and weeks,” said Deputy Healy Rae.