Enhanced Restart Grant Details Available from Local Authorities this Week

Castleisland based Cllr. Charlie Farrelly wants to alert his local business community of the announcement this week of the ‘Enhanced Restart Grant’ scheme to be announced by local authorities. Photograph: John Reidy

Cllr. Charlie Farrelly send a message to alert business people in the qualifying categories that details of an ‘Enhanced Restart Grant’ will be available from all local authorities this week.

“The groups eligible for this enhanced grant will include those in the bed and breakfast and sports club businesses.

“The grant scheme will also look at businesses which may have failed at the first attempt to secure grant aid and will also include those which received aid in the last package.
“I would also like to acknowledge the €25,000 that was announced for the town and village renewal scheme, and above all I want to thank the municipal district officers on the  successful and detailed application submitted,” said Cllr. Farrelly.

Enhanced Restart Grant Launched

As part of a number of response measures, a €250m Restart Grant was introduced to provide additional support for micro and small enterprises.

The grant was available to rate-able businesses with a turnover of less than €5 million and employing 50 people or less which were closed or experienced a drop of 25% or more in turnover to help with costs associated with reopening and reemploying workers following COVID-19 closures.

Enhanced Grant Based on 2019 Rates

The grant was based on an enterprise’s commercial rates bill for 2019 with a minimum payment of €2,000 and a maximum payment of €10,000.

To further support enterprises as the economy reopens and resumes activity, further grant funding of €300m will be provided to businesses through an Enhanced Restart Grant.

Maximum Up from €10k to €25k

The maximum grant available will rise to €25,000 – up from €10,000 – and the minimum payment will be €4,000 – up from €2,000.

Firms that accessed the Restart Grant will be eligible to apply for a second top-up payment to a total combined value of the revised minimum and maximum grant levels. The criteria for accessing the scheme will include enterprises that have: 250 employees or less; Turnover of less than €100,000 per employee and reduced turnover by 25% as a result of COVID-19

Original Grant Excluded – Now Included

Under the revised Restart Grant, support will also be provided for enterprises that could not access the original grant scheme.

Non-rated B&Bs and rate-able sports businesses will now be eligible for a grant payment of €4,000.

Applications for the enhanced grant will open in due course through all local authorities.

Non-rated B&Bs will be eligible to apply to Fáilte Ireland.

Further details will be provided shortly.