Irish Water Response to Farranfore Bursts – A Shocking Indictment – Cllr Jackie Healy Rae

Farranfore is now at the centre of a crisis in its failing water mains system after yet another burst earlier today. ©Photograph: John Reidy

Cllr Jackie Healy Rae has slammed an Irish Water response which said it had no place in its budget in 2021 for a replacement of a troubled water mains pipe that has now led to schools closures twice within a month in Farranfore village.

“Today saw yet another burst water mains which once again held up traffic on the busy Tralee to Killarney Road which is also the main access point to Kerry Airport,” said Cllr. Healy Rae.

Student Sent Home

“While Firies and Knockaderry National Schools were forced to send students home from school early today following a burst water main at Farranfore as they were unable to comply with Covid guidelines without running water in their schools.

No Guaranteed Funding  

“The burden that is put on people with a continued burst water main at this juncture is becoming greater each time it bursts,” claims Cllr Healy Rae who was told by Irish Water while attending an Irish Water clinic this morning that there’s no guarantee there’ll be funding to replace the trunk water main in Farranfore in 2021.

Hours of Delays Ahead  

Cllr Healy Rae has branded the response as a ‘Shocking indictment of the situation’ and has called on Irish Water to find the funds needed quickly or there could be a summer of discontent ahead for motorists who could face hours of delays if the mains continue to burst.

While he says the knock-on effect for residents, farmers and businesses in the Farranfore and Firies area are now clearly felt with each breakage.

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