Vintage Footage of 1964 Castleisland Turkey Market from RTÉ

A still from the film Castleisland Turkey Market in December 1964 which was shot for Frank Hall’s Newsbeat on RTÉ. Can you place the faces ? Click on the spot above.
A local woman gathering up a turkey at the December 1964 market on Main Street, Castleisland with the distinctive black tiles of Tom McCarthy’s Central Bar behind her. Do you know her?

The power of the RTÉ film archive surfaces from time to time with flashes of pure magic from its roving camera crews and reporters.

There is nothing more powerful than discovering a piece of old film footage from your own place and one with so many faces clearly if fleetingly featured.

This piece of film would have been included on a ‘Newsbeat’ evening programme in the run-up to Christmas of 1964.

Castleisland on Newsbeat

Newsbeat was the forerunner to Halls Pictorial Weekly and both programmes were fronted by the brilliant Frank Hall.

Hall seemed to love including scenes of life from the country and he had two great men based in Cork.

Cameraman, Joe McCarthy, teamed up with the late Bill O’Herlihy on jobs like that and Castleisland fared better or as well as any other on their beat.

December 8th Market Day

The film must have been taken on December 8th 1964 as that was Castleisland’s big and annual Christmas turkey market in those times.

My old Tralee Road neighbour, Steve ‘Steveen’ Corkery features quite prominently in the run of the film and I recognised Donal Lucey from the Old Road.

Viewers in and around Castleisland and neighbouring parishes will, hopefully, recognise some of the people and several of the buildings which were prominent on Main Street in those long gone days.

Can You Name Anyone ?

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