Avenues Opening Up for Businesses Through Shannon’s Development

Getting her message out there: DS Creative creator and founder Shannon De Sousa Seier, a Munster Technological University graduate, has set up her new business in the historic settings of Castleisland’s Carnegie Building. ©Photograph: John Reidy

Castleisland resident, Shannon De Sousa Seier graduated from Munster Technological University at the peak of Covid-19.

With her business and marketing degree in hand she was ready to adapt to the evolving workplace and make something of her own.

She founded DS Creative with the aim of bringing creativity into everyday business operations and providing unique and reliable solutions.

Strong On-Line Presence

She has based her business in the Carnegie Building in Castleisland or ‘the old library’ as it will always be known locally.

“Now more than ever, having a strong online presence is key to the success of any business,” said Shannon.

“More people are spending time online, making it that bit easier to reach your target audience and so every business deserves the utmost of attention, innovation and creativity.

“My aim is to help businesses of all shapes and sizes and join forces with them at any stage of their digital journey.

No Question too Simple

“There is no question too simple or solution too impossible. At DS Creative we help our clients to attract, engage and retain customers through various means such as: Social Media Branding; Social Media Management; Blogging and One-to-One Coaching.

Because for us, it’s about not only surviving but thriving.

Expert Eye for Detail

“If you’re looking for an increase in sales and a strong online presence? By combining a tailored strategy, unique and creative content designs and an expert eye for detail we can deliver marketing solutions that fully match your brand image and support your goals and objectives.

“Find out more about who we are and what we do on our brand new website,” said Shannon in conclusion. See: www.dscreativemarketing.com or Email: dscreativesales@gmail.com

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