New Housing Plan Promises Plenty But Will Be Judged On Delivery  – Michael Healy Rae, TD

Michael Healy Rae, TD ponders on the ability of the new government strategy on housing to deliver. ©Photograph: John Reidy

Kerry Independent TD Michael Healy Rae has said that the government’s new Housing for All plan which was released on Thursday will be judged on its delivery and by history.

“The plan, which sets out the government’s mission to tackle the housing crisis, is big on presentation and will need to go a lot further if it is to meet the growing demands of the national housing crisis which has spiralled out of all control,” said Deputy Healy Rae.  

Booklet Promises Plenty

Many people would be quicker building a house than reading through the 160-page booklet which promises plenty but like all government plans will be judged not by the size of the glossary but by the success of delivery, which I am afraid by judging on previous efforts looks likely to fall well short of its targets.”

Playing With Numbers

While the government’s promise to deliver 90,000 social homes by 2030, which includes over 10,000 social housing homes each year over the next five years, with an average of 9,500 of those being new-build social homes has been called a play with numbers as opposed to real action.

It is hard to have any real faith in a promise to deliver 90,000 social homes when we can see at first-hand how slow they are currently being delivered on the ground,” he continued.

Enshrine One-off Housing 

Meanwhile the Kerry deputy has called on the government to enshrine one-off housing on your own land as part of the wording for a proposed referendum on housing which is planned.

I welcome the that the commission on housing will work to bring forward proposals on the referendum on housing referred to in the programme for government.

Houses in Rural Ireland

I really hope it enshrines a person’s right to build a house on their own land in rural Ireland as much as it will enshrine a persons right to have a home in the city.

It is crucial for the survival of rural Ireland for more houses to be built as people who own their own sites are already on the path to affordable housing. Something that the government say they want to deliver,”

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