Brosna GAA Club and Parish News Round-Up

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John and Denise with their Polish visitors at their workshop in Brosna.

Brosna and H&H Design on the Map

NEWKD Women Active in Society programme launched last week and Brosna’s H&H Design and Detail was at the centre of this incredible initiative. 

Our very own Denise Hofler and John Healy hosted a diverse group of female entrepreneurs from Poland at their workshop. 

The programme is part funded by the EU under the Rural Development Scheme to help support women entrepreneurs, farmers and producers in creating peer learning and cross promotion. 

It’s wonderful to see one of our own home-grown creative industries taking centre stage in this exciting and worthwhile programme.  

GAA: Brosna at Home

Roll up, roll up.  This weekend sees Brosna at home to St Pats. 

It’s championship season and this match will complete our final game in the group.  A win will secure us a place in the quarter final.  Exciting times. 

I’m not going to wish Brosna luck. That’s leaving the game in the hands of chance or outside forces.  Instead, I wish our players, management team and all associated folks the best of positivity, energy and focus as they prepare for their big game. Go Brosna!

U-13s – Another Trophy

Congrats to Knock/Brosna/Duagh who had a resounding victory in their final against Desmonds at the weekend. 

What a cracking team.  Well done to everyone involved.  Another trophy!  I think we’re going to need a new shelf in the club-house.

One Small Change No.4

Today the small suggestion is to be more mindful about our overall water consumption. 

This one always makes me laugh. I mean, we live in Ireland where the skies are never tired of replenishing our water sources, right?  Not true, sadly. 

The draw on our water sources has increased many times in comparison to our parents and grandparents lives. 

Consider the amount of water we use in daily showers, watering livestock, washing clothes, running dishwashers. 

Water isn’t just an amenity for us, it is life sustaining.  Be mindful how we use it.  Ensure you sort out any leaky pipes, use water efficient settings on household appliances and work out how you can reduce your household water consumption short and long term. 

We’re all in the same boat, let’s row in the same direction.

Do Please Get in Touch

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Our community stretches across the globe.  You are all part of the Brosna Family regardless of where you reside on the planet.  We want to hear what you are up to.

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