Minister Ryan Now Admitting that Electricity Supply Will be ‘Tight’ – Deputy Danny Healy Rae

On opposite sides of the smokey chimney and other climate related issues: Deputy Danny Healy Rae and Eamon Ryan, Minister for the Environment, Climate, Communications and Transport. 

“It is scandalous to read today that Minister Eamon Ryan is only now admitting that we are going to have power shortages for the next four years,”said an angry Deputy Danny Healy Rae.

“When will himself and his government led by Micheal Martin realise when they cut the production of electricity by closing down Bord na Mona that it is going to have an adverse effect on the supply of energy all around the country,” he continued.

Prices Exasperated by Tax

“On top of this petrol and diesel and home heating oil prices are exasperated by the carbon tax that has been added to the costs. The proposed increases to the carbon tax due to be announced in the budget need to be scrapped,” said Deputy Healy Rae.

Government Intervention

The government has to intervene on soaring energy prices as families are facing the prospect of paying €400 to €500 more for electricity and heating this winter.

“They need to cut the taxes on electricity, gas and home heating oil, other countries are implementing energy tax cuts and new subsidies to ease the burden on families from rising energy costs.

“Businesses, working people, farmers and elderly people may not be able to survive this winter due to rising costs and shortages of electricity.

“On top of everything else, the government is against Shannon LNG bringing gas into this country when it is clear we need it right now.

Electricity Supply Tight

“A few weeks ago, Eamon Ryan said he was ‘increasingly confident’ that power blackouts would not occur this winter, this week he tells us that electricity supply will be ‘tight’ for the next three or four years while we build up battery and gas fired back up systems.

“It is hard to have confidence in the government when it buries its head in the sand on this serious issue while being ambivalent with the truth,” said Deputy Danny.

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