Expressions of Interest Sought on Men’s / Women’s Shed Idea for Castleisland

Plans are afoot to setup a men’s and women’s shed movement in the Castleisland area.

“The plan was first discussed a couple of years ago but Covid-19 put everything on hold for us,” said a spokesperson for the potential organising group.

“Interest in the idea is developing again so this time we are going to push on and get it up and running.”

Tea, Coffee and Chat

“It will be for men and women, active retired or anyone with time on their hands who wants to meet others for a chat, a cup tea or coffee or to discuss the ways of the world.

“There are thousands of things to do but all that will be decided by the those who are inclined to get involved.

“We are looking for people to come forward and let us know they are interested. 

No Pressure

“There is no pressure on any one as no one will be stuck with a job they dont want to do.

There are two contact numbers for people interested in getting involved: Martina on 087 9449569 or Pat on 087 4191436.

Expressions of interest can be relayed by phone or text and the organisers will take it from there.

Groundswell of Support

There is a huge groundswell of support in Ireland for the ‘Men’s Shed’ concept and the The Irish Men’s Sheds Association was formed in 2011.

The movement was inspired by an Australia idea and it caught on in Ireland in 2009 taking root first in Tipperary.

An estimated 400 men’s sheds are now believed to be registered in Ireland with the Irish Men’s Sheds Association and an figure in the region of 12,000 men engaging with the ‘shed’ on a weekly basis.

There was a previous attempt at setting up a men’s shed, in particular, in Castleisland in the autumn of 2012 but it fell away without a trace after a while. 

A First Women’s Shed in Munster?

Could Castleisland be setting a new trend in Munster with its women’s shed or its unisex shed. There are some in Leinster which were set up earlier this year.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in getting involved and have a project in mind, Pat or Martina would be delighted to hear from you.

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