Nature’s Wonder on Show in Rainbow over St. John’s Park

November Rainbow over St. John’s Park: While the sky was darkening and threatening at every other point this afternoon, the eastern front provided the perfect backdrop for this beautiful creation of nature. It made Cathleen Reidy go for the fón póca and click.

Rainbows are among the most magical – and fascinating – phenomenon that occurs in nature.

No matter your age, it’s hard to look at a rainbow and not feel that sense of awe and wonder that you only get when you get to witness something truly special.

That’s why my wife Cathleen reached for her fón póca today when she saw this beautiful vision over our neighbourhood.

And if there’s gold to be found here it’s in the hearts of the neighbours we’re blessed with.

Rainbows have been considered good omens for thousands of years, and while there’s nothing wrong with hoping for a little luck at the sight of a rainbow, there’s some hard rainbow science that’s worth investigating, too!

There’s a website on which the owners have listed eight amazing facts about rainbows that they hope you’ll find as interesting as they do!

You’ll find it with a click on the link here:

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