Pres Students Celebrate Presentation Day in Castleisland

Síleoonagh Mansfield with: Sr. Maureen, Sr. Margaret, Sr. Mary, Sr. Attracta and Sr. Teresa after she made the presentations of flowers and artwork on behalf of the school.

Presentation Castleisland marked the celebration of Presentation Day on November 22nd with a number of events throughout the day.

Presentation Day is a day in honour of the Presentation Sisters and Nano Nagle, the founder of the Presentation Order.

Visiting the Sisters

“Second year students visited the Presentation Sisters in the nearby convent. A large card designed by the art department and a bouquet of flowers were presented by Síleoonagh Mansfield and Maggie Riordan on behalf of the school,” said Presentation Castleisland teacher Annette Leen.

“A message of thanks from the student council was read by Lucy McKenna and Síleoonagh Mansfield.

“The council acknowledged the dedication of the sisters to provide an education to students, to improve their lives and deepen their faith.

Expression of Thanks

“In the splendid November sunshine, the sisters expressed their joy at the visit and thanked all the members of the school community in continuing to lead by the example of Nano Nagle.

“Members of the school choir, led by music teacher Deirdre O’Brien, sang a rendition of One Step Beyond, a song in memory of Nano Nagle.

“The sisters said it was a pleasure to be visited by the students and wished them lots of happiness in the school.

Not Words But Deeds

“Sr. Mary Buckley thanked management and staff, saying “I know they will keep Nano Nagle’s wishes always to the forefront.”

“The sisters also offered Pierce Dargan their support in his new role as school principal. A prayer service was held in the afternoon, to remember the dedication and commitment of the sisters.

“It was a moment for everyone to reflect on the inspiration of Nano Nagle and her vocation to practicing ‘Not words but deeds’.

“Students lit candles in the classrooms and offered prayers for the sisters, families and the school community.

School-Wide Quiz

“The celebration concluded with a school wide quiz on Nano Nagle, bringing great excitement, cheer and competition. The top three winners were: Fiona Brosnan, Megan Dennehy and Ailbhe Fleming,” said Ms. Leen.

Reflecting on the day, Mr. Dargan said that remembering Nano Nagle and the contribution of the Presentation Sisters is a very important part of the school’s heritage.

“The day gives all students an opportunity to reflect on the contributions we can make to others and how we can live by Nano’s vision of ‘Not words but deeds’ in our own lives,” Mr. Dargan said.

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