Rainbow Colour Day 2021- LGBTI+ Stand Up Awareness Week at Pres Castleisland

Rainbow Colour Day 2021 activists and all first year students front from left: Aibhe O’Connor, Alicia O’Connell, Edel O’Donoghue, Michelle Myers. Back: Maeve Hurley (left) and Erin Mitchell.
Participants and supporters took a hands-on approach to the Rainbow Colour Wall.

Presentation Secondary School Castleisland recently celebrated an important awareness week, where all involved made a pledge to stand together and combat bullying and discrimination, focusing in particular on the LGBTI+ community.

The week gave the school community an opportunity to take steps to make its school safe and supportive for LGBTI+ young people.

Students had an action packed week where they first learned about the topics of sexuality, gender identity and sexual health in their SPHE classes.

Knowledge in Action

This enabled them to understand what our main focus was and they were then able to put their knowledge into action.

They started by making rainbow loom bands in lunch time Chill Club, designed posters, updated their wellness wall, created a rainbow arch, had a rainbow picnic and worked together to write messages of support and encouragement for those in the LGBTI+ community.

Information Pack and Resources

As a school, we linked up with the organisation Belongto.org, who sent us an information pack with resources and ideas to guide us through the week.

Overall, the main highlight of the week was on the final day, November 19th where our school celebrated Rainbow Colour Day in style.

This was a nationwide day and it was all about supporting the LGBTI+ community. The morning started under the rainbow balloon arch where everyone all collectively gathered, chatted, listened to music, took pictures and made Tik Toks.

Solidarity Board

To add to the fun of the day ahead students and teachers all wore rainbow colours to show support for our LGBTI+ community.

Everyone then spent the rest of the morning working on the Solidarity Board. This was where students and teachers all chose a paint colour of their choice and then placed their hand on the Rainbow Colour Wall.

The idea being that we all agreed to be accepting and supportive of each other, that we will not

bully or discriminate against anyone no matter their background.

Reminder of a Pledge Made

“We are an inclusive community and want the board to serve as a reminder of the pledge we have made,” said teacher Annette Leen.

“The board will always be displayed in our school for all to see. The atmosphere in the school that day was electric and students as well as teachers spirits were high with the air of positivity and happiness that they day generated.

A Day of Colour and Activity

“It was a day full of colour and activity and one that the whole school community thoroughly enjoyed and will not forget,” said Ms. Leen

Please check out our Instagram and Tik Tok at Pres_Castleisland for lots of videos and pictures of our fun and educational awareness week.

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