Early January Start for Work on Desmonds Avenue Water Pipe Problems

Children playing on the green at Desmonds Avenue, Castleisland before the estate’s 50th anniversary mass was celebrated in 2005. Included are, front from left: Seán Nolan, Anthony Begley and Shane McLoughlin with: Colin McCarthy and Micheala Ahern. Work is due to begin on the avenue’s water supply pipes in January.   ©Photograph: John Reidy 19-8-2005
Cllr. Fionnán Fitzgerald passed on news from Irish Water that work on the water pipe problems on Desmonds Avenue would be tackled in early January 2022.

Irish Water, working in partnership with Kerry County Council, is beginning works to replace problematic backyard service water mains in the Desmonds Avenue Estate in Castleisland to improve the security of the water supply for local residents.

Cllr. Fionnán Fitzgerald has been assured that these works are due to commence in early January 2022 and will be carried out by Ward & Burke Ltd. in partnership with Kerry County Council on behalf of Irish Water.

Backyard service water mains works are being carried out as part of Irish Water’s National Leakage Reduction Programme.

A More Reliable Water Supply

This is a programme to provide the community with a more reliable water supply, remove old damaged pipes from the water network, improve water quality and reduce leakage.

The works in the Desmonds Avenue Estate involves the decommissioning of ageing back yard water mains and the delivery of approximately 280 meters of new mains constructed along the public road.

In some older estates water connections, typically made of iron or lead, were installed to the rear of the property and are often referred to as backyard service connections.

A Significant Source of Leakage

The pipework, due to age and deteriorating condition, is a significant source of leakage and reduced levels of service. Backyard services are usually shared, running through a number of neighbouring properties making it difficult to detect and repair leaks.

Since all properties share a connection, leaks and bursts affect all properties usually resulting in low pressure.

Irish Water Investment

Replacing old pipes to reduce drinking water lost by leakage and improving water quality is all part of the Irish Water investment of over €500 million between 2017 and the end of 2021 to reduce leakage and replace old pipes on the public water network.

The benefits of this programme are: Reducing disruption from bursts, leaks and outages in the network and delivering operational efficiencies in the system.

For further information on the national Leakage Reduction Programme you’re invited to visit: www.water.ie

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