Cropping In to Help Identify Early 1980s Man on the Street in Castleisland

This is a close crop of a photograph taken by Timothy Murphy on Castleisland’s Lower Main Street in the early 1980s.

The whole image can be seen on the window of O’Herlihy’s or Mickey Herlihy’s as it was known locally.

There are times in this game when getting names of people in photographs for people is the aim of the procedure.

That, in itself, can be a long drawn out process. However, when the pubs were operating away as normal before Covid-19 interrupted, the process of publishing a photograph and getting a name was somewhat easier.

Weeks or Months

It could be weeks or even months after a photograph was published that someone would walk up and tell you that they have the name or names of the person or people in a particular photograph.

Take the case of the film shot by the Walsh brothers, Gerard and Joe in John Shanahan’s of Terry ‘Cuz’ Teahan’s homecoming in July 1983.

There was a band of young musicians involved in that and a couple of weeks after I shared it on the Maine Valley Post I got a call from a native of Tournafulla now based in Kildare and she provided all the names – including one of the musicians who, later, went on to tour the world with Michael Flatley and the River-Dance troupe.

It’s a Long Shot

I’ll be sorting out stills from the Walsh’s film and adding the names during the week.

For now, does anyone know the young man in the photograph here. You can see it in all its glory in one of the windows of the former O’Herlihy’s shop.

It will be interesting to see if anyone with a fair recollection of the early 1980s in Castleisland can put a name on him. It’s a long shot – but there’s always one.

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