Pa Daly TD Says Government is Out of Touch with Ordinary Families

Pa Daly, Sinn Féin TD for Kerry, says that the government is out of touch with the pressures faced by ordinary families. While the Fianna Fáil Minister of State at the Department of Finance, Seán Fleming has apologised for insensitive ‘cost of living’ remarks on RTÉ. 

Pa Daly, Sinn Féin TD for Kerry, says that the government is out of touch with the cost of living crisis and the pressures faced by ordinary families. 

Teachta Daly said that Fianna Fáil TD, Sean Fleming’s comments show how out of touch government is with ordinary workers and families on the difficulties they face week to week to pay their bills and put food on the table.

Deputy Fleming’s comments echo Mary Harney’s comments in 2003 where blame was placed on consumers for spiralling inflation. That logic did not serve us well in the past and it will not serve us well now. 

Rising Prices V Stagnant Wages

Rent, childcare costs, groceries, energy bills and fuel have all skyrocketed while wages have stayed the same; pay packets simply cannot keep up,” said Teachta Daly.

Government should be acting to address this crisis instead of blaming people for not ‘shopping around’.  Fleming’s comments are disgraceful as he is surely hearing the same concerns from constituents as I am. 

Heat or Food 

I regularly hear from families who have to choose between heat or food and they cannot provide basics for their children which is causing them immense stress.  Pensioners are worried where they will get the money to pay for their heating.  I heard from one medical card holder who had to spend the amount of her weekly pension on emergency dental care, because there are no dentists taking on medical card patients in Kerry. 

Government’s inaction on a number of fronts, from healthcare contracts down to the cost of living is inflicting real hurt on too many people. 

Stop Complaining

Yet the government thinks that people should ‘stop complaining’ and shop smarter. 

It is incredulous to hear these comments, knowing the real hardship that people are facing with no plan from government to address the issues. 

Sinn Féin in government would put ordinary workers and families first and tackle these problems instead of passing blame,” said Teachta Daly.

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