The Day Minister Foley Visited Our School – A Student’s View

Sixth class pupil and Junior Entrepreneur Programme participant, Róisín O’Mahony presenting Minister for Education Norma Foley with her own customised bracelet made by students in the class under the direction of programme coordinator and teacher Claire Smith. ©Photograph: John Reidy

There was great excitement in our school on Thursday, June 9th when Minister for Education, Norma Foley came to our school.

By Róisín O’Mahony

We had only recently found out that we would be meeting with her. The class was buzzing with enthusiasm, we were involved in the preparations for her visit and were informed that there would also be a camera crew coming to film us for the Junior Entrepreneur Program, (JEP)  that our class was participating in.

Nervous but Delighted

The very next day we were nervous but for the most part delighted. At eleven o’clock the JEP camera crew arrived. They briefed us on how to speak and how to act natural for the camera.

The moment came when Minister Foley arrived. We made a guard of honour for her.

Our first impression was of how nice she was and how much she enjoyed chatting with and meeting all the students in our school.

She greeted each student individually and asked their name.

Brilliant School Projects

When she entered the school building, she was greeted by our Deputy Principal, Ms. Brown. Along the corridor there were stands showcasing our brilliant school projects. We showcased Erasmus, STEM, active schools and our Amber Flag. She took immeasurable time to thoroughly examine every project.

Once she had made it down to our classroom one of the sixth class students, Muireann Hickey, made an official welcoming speech.

Made Her Own Bracelet

We had multiple stations set up around the classroom displaying the various stages and processes of our enterprise journey. She spent time at every station and even made her own bracelet at the end of her visit.

The class then presented her with her own personalised bracelet which she wore proudly around her wrist.

Although only a week has passed since her visit we are all still buzzing from the adrenaline caused by her visit, a visit that we will remember for many years.

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