Tiling Rubble, Clothes and Cooker Parts Dumped on Green Area at St. John’s Park

Photographs from the scene of the dumping of tiling rubble, items of clothing and household goods at St. John’s Park today. Photographs: John Reidy

Someone in the neighbourhood of St. John’s Park, who had some marble tiling replaced recently decided to dump resultant rubble by a wall in a green area on the estate.

The dumped collection is made up of of broken tiles, a pair of blue shorts and a baby’s all in one suit – oh, and a tray from a cooker.

The stuff was all ferried to its temporary resting place on a sheet of industrial underlay.

The tiles and the baby’s suit are both quite distinctive and if there was a tradesman involved he would surely be able to identify the remains of his engagements with the the materials in question.

A car was seen in the vicinity of the area shortly before the dumping was discovered and the matter has been reported to the local Kerry County Council office.

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