Castleisland Community Centre Painting Classes – Portraits In Oil

Artist and art lecturer, Damian Daly, pictured here with his son Oscar, will begin a six-week painting portraits in oils course at Castleisland Community Centre from this Thursday, March 16th from 4pm to 6pm. Damian can be contacted on: 089 4773247.    Photograph: John Reidy

A series of oil painting classes has been planned for Castleisland Community Centre on Thursdays from 4pm to 6pm over the following six weeks.

The classes will start on this Thursday March 16th. and the total cost €140 and a deposit of €30 will secure a place.

The classes will be delivered by Damian Daly an artist and lecturer for over 12 years and they are suitable for anyone interested in painting portraits in oil and developing their painting techniques.

Class participants will experiment with and learn how to use brushes, mix flesh tones and set up their palette.

Construct a Head Quickly

They will learn how to construct a head quickly and accurately, creating lively, expressive portraits in oil while exploring more resolved, analytical studies as well as looser, more abstracted portraits.

They will learn how to make work in the style of a number of artists including: Frans Hals, Lucien Freud, and Jenny Saville. Prints are provided to work from in the studio.

In final sessions students will have the opportunity to apply the learning and experience they have gained in a personal portrait project.

Canvasses, Paints and Brushes

Materials are provided including canvasses, use of oil paints, mediums, and brushes.*

*Students will be encouraged to accumulate their own brushes as they will become personal to their usage and you may already have some of those we recommend – Hog hair filberts size 2,6,8,10 and 12. – brushes can be bought at class at base price.

To book a place on this course go to

Or you can contact Damian on: 089 4773247 or

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