Blood Donation Service Visits Castleisland this Wednesday and Thursday

The Irish Blood Transfusion Service (IBTS) needs to collect 3,000 units of blood every week to maintain the national blood supply.

The issue with blood is that no one knows who will need it, when they will need it, how much they may need, or what type they require.

The IBTS will visit Castleisland Community Centre this week, tomorrow Wednesday, March 22nd. and Thursday 23rd from 4:45pm to 8pm. Intending donors are asked to please call 1800 222 111 to book an appointment.

Uses for Donated Blood

One in four of us will need a blood transfusion in our lifetime. Up to 67% of donated blood is used to treat cancer patients and people with blood disorders.

*27% of donated blood is used in surgery and emergency situations.

*6% of donated blood is used to treat blood loss after childbirth and to help premature babies.

*100% of donated blood is precious and saves lives in Ireland everyday.

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