There’s Always Someone There to Remind Us and Let Us Down

The late birthday card from the last man to let you down.

I celebrated a significant birthday last week, Significant enough for me to believe that I’m on the home straight and hoping that I’ll pass a couple of these milestones yet.

In case, God forbid, that, like all of us, the fragility of my existence here didn’t dawn on me and that I didn’t realise that all good things must come to an end, there is always someone there to remind me.

The Late Birthday Card

I got a card a couple of days later – a late card – but that was oddly appropriate also when I discovered the source.

The message was simple and pure dark humour and could be deemed ambiguous enough not to be offensive. It wasn’t.

“Hope to see you soon,” was the message. And that could mean anything.

Always Something There

However the card came from the one and only Bernard Tangney. And, likeable and all as he is – and you couldn’t but like the hoor, I’ll be doing my level best to postpone that class of meeting with him and mortality itself for another while at least.

There is always someone there to remind me.

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