An Early Verse for Gráinne But Today Marks her 21st Birthday

Happy Birthday Dear Gráinne. Gráinne Walsh from Scartaglin is celebrating her 21st birthday today, January 5th. Photograph: John Reidy

On my way on foot from the St. Mary’s Basketball Club Blitz on Friday afternoon I spied a handsome young woman leaving the Church Street based Mr. Price store holding onto a couple of big goldy numbers.

As I knew the young woman to be Scartaglen native Gráinne Walsh I boldly asked her what was up and who’s celebrating or what was the occasion.

It’s my own she answered but it’s not until the fifth of January and I’ll be 21 she said as she straightened the numbers.

The early shopping trip was triggered by the fact that she had a pre-big birthday celebration at Hughes’ Bar in Cordal on that night.

Celebration on Friday 5th

Gráinne works there part-time and friends had organised a night for her there. But the actual celebration would be on today, Friday, January 5th.

As we spoke, four young national school girls were passing by and they were looking at Gráinne and the gold numbers. I told them it was her 21st birthday and asked if they’d join me in a verse of Happy Birthday and they did.

‘We’re from Scart Too’

When it came to the end of the verse they also sang: “Happy Birthday Dear Gráinne,” and I asked them how did they know her name. “We’re from Scart too,” came the reply from the group spokesperson. And so was my mother I informed them.

So, today is Gráinne’s 21st birthday. Happy Birthday Gráinne. Up Scart.

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