Fly-by Night Fly Tippers Begin 2024 with Habitual Rubbish Dump

All the one load. It would take more the the boot of an average car to transport that load of household waste. It’s a post Christmas load dumped on private property between the gardens of the houses and business premises on Main Street and the mart yard. Photograph: John Reidy

Post Christmas fly tippers have shown a blatant disregard for the laws of the land and of nature itself in the Castleisland town area – yet again.

One of the most persistently sinned against areas is that between the backs of the Main Street houses and business premises and the Castleisland Co-Op Mart yard – just a couple of hundred yards from the main street.

For years and without fail there are small loads of refuse sacks and loose household rubbish dumped in over the low boundary wall between the extremities of the back gardens of the houses and the mart yard.

Pop-Up Dump Sites

Since Christmas the situation is deplorable in at least two areas there within a few yards of each other.

The worst part of it all is that the vast majority of what’s dumped there over the years is completely recyclable.

It’s the same this year in the same place as wrapping paper, milk cartons, soft drinks, beer and food cans and clothes make up the bulk of the offending material in these pop-up dump sites.

A Brown Furry Creature

A man who was thinking of tackling the removal of the rubbish there was turned off the idea when he poked one of the bags and a brown furry creature with a long tail sprang from it and dashed off into the undergrowth.

I was also told recently that there are self-styled refuse collection men with unmarked vans canvassing local areas and collecting all kinds of household waste and obviously making a living from it.

The dumping in that area of Castleisland has now become such a habit and the quantities suggest that there’s some kind of small commercial operation at work here.

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