Brosna GAA Club and Parish News Round-Up

Brosna GAA Club PRO, Mariéad Moriarty with all the news from the club and parish. Contact Mairéad on: 086 85 96 409 or by Email:

Happy New Year

Well, here we are at the beginning of another year. It’s very tantalising to rush into January filled with a wild enthusiasm for new projects, resolutions around a better lifestyle and a desire for positive change.

It’s a human reaction to a Christmas of excess. But I would ask you to take a deep breath and wait. Embrace the purpose of winter.

It’s a time when the roots strengthen and plants start to generate energy for the spring ahead. Animals conserve their lifeforce by hibernation or reduced activity.

Ease into the New Year

When we understand that we are part of this natural cycle, we make decisions and take actions that support our healthy growth. Ease into the New Year. Let your body stretch and move in gentle ways.

Nourish your body with quality, natural foods that mimic the leaner season. Enjoy the bright short days getting out at lunchtime to take the air. We’ve a few weeks of quietness to navigate before we get to Spring. It’s just around the corner.

Give your body and mind time to build purposeful foundations for an energetic and positive year by allowing your roots to strengthen at this time. Love this quiet season and work with it as nature intended.

Thank You for the Light Show

A special thank you to all the village citizens whose dazzling array of lights created such a charming display for us over Christmas.

The wonderful trees and decorated hedging at the cross, the parish hall, the windows with candles and cheerful lights, the pubs, our Post Office, the tree in the square and the stunning church.

Thank you everyone who helped to add sparkle. It was much appreciated.

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