No Thought Behind Proposed Ban on Electric Dog Collars – Michael Healy Rae TD

Kerry Independent, Michael Healy Rae, TD and Dublin based Senator Regina Doherty are on opposite sides of the fence on the issue of electric collars for domestic dogs.

Deputy Michael Healy Rae TD has said that he is totally opposed to the proposal to  ban the use of electronic shock collars for dogs.

This is following the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine opening a public consultation process on the matter inviting interested parties to make submissions.

The proposal which has the backing of Fine Gael Senator Regina Doherty would see the outright ban on electric dog collars used by domestic owners and could lead to livestock solutions being looked at.

A Backward Step

“This is totally wrong and a backward step. This modern technology which means an area can be fenced to control a dog is most welcome,” said Depity Healy Rae.

“I would compare it to the electric fencers that have been used for many years on our farms which is an essential tool for our livestock control. If these collars are banned for dogs, then what is the difference between electric methods being used to control a dog or being used to control livestock? he continued.

A Large Bull on a Farm

“If you were to take a large bull on a farm trying to control that bull without the benefit of an electric fence it would be impossible and dangerous beyond belief,” he said as he filed his submission in opposition to the proposal and he called on people to actively voice their own opinions and engage in the submission process, so that they can oppose this change.

More Pressing Issues

“There is a lot more pressing issues that the Department could be engaging with for the farming and rural community at the moment especially with the financial squeeze being put of farm families” Michael Healy Rae concluded.

Submission by email to before today week, Friday, January 26th 2024.

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