It’s Time to Shine with Well-Being and Pilates at The Brehon Hotel on February 24th

“I hear the same statements over and over from wonderful women everywhere: I’m GOING to get fit, I’m GOING on a diet, I’m GOING for some tweakments and so on.

“It seems that every woman is going somewhere in search of a healthy and attractive body,” said Mairéad Moriarty as she plans something very special for the women screaming for help from her opening statement.

“The first thing you learn from a holistic well-being coach is that the very things you are searching for, are actually already within you. This might sound a little woo woo. But let me explain: There’s a temptation to keep changing the frame on the picture of our lives,” said Mairéad getting into her stride.

A Happy, Meaningful Life

“Rushing around buying clothes, cosmetics, holidays, new kitchens, chasing relationships, changing jobs, hoping that each change will finally create our happy and meaningful life.

“When what we really need is to focus on is the picture itself. Essentially, how we think, feel, and care for ourselves – our body/mind/spirit – must be considered when we make whole-life changes.

“When you join the It’s Time to Shine well-being day, you will start by rediscovering who you are. The interactive workshops will help you to identify the lifestyle – health, nutrition, movement – that matches the unique person that you are.

Ignite Your Power

“Finally, you will ignite the power within you to take effortless action to create your authentic life.

“If you are in a cycle of repeating plans and programmes hoping to get the beautiful, strong, loving and lovable life you deserve without lasting success, it’s time to take a minute. Stop the endless search beyond yourself for the ingredients to a wonderful life.

“Come and join holistic well-being coach Mairéad Moriarty and pilates instructor Shelagh O’Connor as they host the ultimate women’s well-being day designed with you in mind.

“This fabulous day will help you to harness your mindset to create empowering habits with ease and finally make life changes that stick!

Nourish Body and Mind

You will transform your relationship with food by learning how to nourish your body and mind and get your glow back with the ultimate guide to self-care, from beauty to body maintenance.

“Plus there’s a guide to energising and calming body movements that you can easily add to your day helping to support you body/mind connection. You will be taught to meditate, a proven tool in your quest for mental clarity and peace. Lastly, there is a wonderful lunch in Danu restaurant where we get to bond with the other wonderful women who are embarking on their life-changing journey.

“The difference between your yesterday and your tomorrow can be breathtaking, ladies, it’s time to shine,” said Mairéad.

Event tickets can be booked with a click on the link here:

For more information Mairéad Moriarty can be contacted on 086 859 64 09.

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