X Post on Former Talbot Grove Building ‘Without Foundation’

Talbot Grove Addiction Treatment Centre was yet another of the buildings which came close to being flooded on January just over a decade ago. It’s  ©Photograph: John Reidy 24-1-2014
The post on X which appeared overnight and which has been brought to the attention of Castleisland Gardaí by the building’s owner.

 A post on X, formerly Twitter, has falsely linked the former Castleisland Presbytery and later Talbot Grove Treatment Centre with the  imminent arrival of “70 black men” by an anonymous contributor who claims to be “not racist.”

The post has been reported this morning to the Castleisland Garda Station by the current owner of the building on which extensive refurbishment work is being conducted for some time now.

The post, which was composed with more than a little local knowledge and with some details skewed as a likely attempt to disguise its origins, has been described locally as malicious.

Allegations on X

Castleisland based Cllr. Charlie Farrelly, who has been described as ‘a local TD’ in the post, has been contacted by several constituents and he, in turn, has been onto his Oireacthtas contacts and has discovered that the X allegations are baseless and without fact.

“In a categorical and unequivocal statement this morning, the owner of the current building also said that these allegations are without foundation.

Second Time in 12 Months

“At no time in the past, not now or never in the future was or will that building be considered for anything other than our plans for it and that doesn’t include what that post insinuates,” said the owner.

This is the second time in a matter of less that 12 months that the same building has come under local scrutiny and for the same reasons.

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