Brosna Parish News Round-Up

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A Bit of Drama

The Abbeyside Players will premier their play God Rest His Soul at Rockchapel Community Centre on Saturday, February 24th at 8pm.

Tickets are €15 and booking by telephone to Seán on 086-3102783. It promises to be a great night.

Brosna in Ballybunion

What a day to be in Ballybunion

The sun shining off the black rocks, some hardy individuals splashing in the surf, and a solid contingent of Brosna supporters filling the stand at Stack Pairc. Brosna got off to a strong start. Great confidence in passing coupled with creative moves yielded quality points. A terrific high ball into the square by Paul Walsh found the trusty fist of Kieran O’Donnell and the ball was in the back of the net.

Team in Control

At the half-time whistle Brosna looked like a team in complete control of its destiny. But the second half showed a Beale side determined to take charge.

What ensued was a very physical game with Beale smothering the creativity of the visitors and forcing errors.

A penalty for the homeside put the teams on level pegging.

The Longest Stretch

A great point by Brosna towards the end of the game put us ahead and then began the longest stretch of time in living memory.

Four minutes of added play saw Brosna blunder and almost hand the game away. The final whistle couldn’t have come any sooner. Brosna with a win. Phew.

After the last minute saviour kick by David Clifford the night before, it’s fair to say that the Stack Parks know how to serve up heart-stopping drama.

Thought For The Week

Lent is well underway. It’s a Christian tradition to pray, fast and give alms during this season.

These might seem rather archaic practices but they have very modern applications.

Prayer can be interpreted as quiet contemplation or sitting in meditation. A chance to listen rather than to ask.

Fasting doesn’t only apply to reducing what we eat. It can be interpreted as an opportunity to consume less in all areas of our lives.

A Modern Spin on Lent

Buy less and use less to help the environment. And lastly, almsgiving might be you donating your time to listen to a friend who is struggling with life.

It might be you donating your time to a community scheme. Lent may be centuries old but we can put a modern spin on it and focus our time and effort on supporting ourselves and our communities. In essence, we get a chance to live consciously, making choices that create a better world.

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