Castleisland Parish Meeting with Bishop Ray Browne Tonight at 8pm.

Due to the concerning shortage of vocations to the priesthood and other sociatal changes, Bishop Ray Browne has called a meeting of parishioners for the River Island Hotel in Castleisland on this Wednesday night at 8pm. ©Photograph: John Reidy

A reminder that a meeting of all parties involved in the Castleisland parish will be held in the River Island Hotel tonight, Wednesday, February 21st at 8pm.

The meeting has been called by Bishop Ray Browne and the meeting will discuss a number of key questions facing the church generally.

1. Without the presence of a priest to lead and coordinate, what aspects of parish life could we, the laity, take responsibility for and organise ourselves?

2. Where do we see scope for cooperation with neighbouring parishes in our pastoral area?

3. Given the numbers and increasing age, what do we want to say to priests?

In his letter Bishop Browne mapped out the challenge ahead as he sees it.
A Valuable and Valued Resource

“I see the life of the 110 local church-communities as a valuable and valued resource for people now and into the future. In the light of fewer clergy, we need to explore how each local church-community can thrive with local leadership acting co-responsibly with the priests ministering to the parishes of the pastoral areas,” said Bishop Browne.

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