Dodgy Weather and Missed Key Players Factors in Brosna’s Loss to Visitors

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St. Senan’s Cillian Trant breaking from the midfield area after winning possession with support from his corner forward, Tomás Dillon with Brosna’s Mikey Nolan (left) with Flor McAuliffe and Killian Fitzmaurice hoping for a slice of the action during their Credit Union County Senior Football League Division 4 game in Páirc Na Féile, Brosna on Sunday. ©Photograph: John Reidy

Brosna v St. Senan’s was the home fixture that brought out large supporter numbers. The stand was full to capacity with a lot of die hards along the perimeter ignoring the dodgy weather.

Brosna had the best of the first half but conceded a penalty before half time that put the visitors ahead by a point.

The home side struggled in the first 10 minutes of the second half to get a handle on the game and it wasn’t until Timmy Finnegan brought an injection of energy from the bench that Brosna geared up.

With a few minutes on the clock, Brosna drew level and seemed on the brink of turning the game but Senan’s found their footing and added scores and a second goal that ended the discussion. Brosna was missing some key players through injury and other commitments. Let’s hope we can find our focus before the next game.

Thought For The Week

I hate to be talking about the weather but it’s reached a critical point for so many in our community that it cannot be avoided.

It’s tough enough to be trapped indoors with kids over a rainy Easter holiday, annoyed that your ornamental garden is water logged or planned outings for a walk at the beach are impeded but spare a thought for our farmers.

The land is sodden, cattle are hungry, there’s pressure on our hardworking neighbours and friends at present that will be felt all over our country.

The work of the farmers, the economic strength they bring to our shops and business and the food they put on our tables cannot be overlooked.

Let’s offer what support we can to farmers everywhere.  Hang in there, the summer will surely repay the debt of this slow spring.

My mother frequently reminds me of a poem she learned in Brosna’s Girls’ Primary School back in the 1930s:

The Farmer by Amelia E Barr

The king may rule o’er land and sea,

The lord may live right royally,

The soldier ride in pomp and pride,

The sailor roam o’er ocean wide;

But this or that, whate’er befall,

The farmer he must feed them all.


The writer thinks, the poet sings,

The craftsmen fashion wondrous things,

The doctor heals, the lawyer pleads,

The miner follows the precious leads;

But this or that, whate’er befall,

The farmer he must feed them all.


The merchant he may buy and sell,

The teacher do his duty well;

But men may toil through busy days,

Or men may stroll through pleasant ways;

From king to beggar, whate’er befall,

The farmer he must feed them all.


The farmer’s trade is one of worth;

He’s partner with the sky and earth,

He’s partner with the sun and rain,

And no man loses for his gain;

And men may rise, or men may fall,

But the farmer he must feed them all.


God bless the man who sows the wheat,

Who finds us milk and fruit and meat;

May his purse be heavy, his heart be light,

His cattle and corn and all go right;

God bless the seeds his hands let fall,

For the farmer he must feed us all.

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