Announced: This Year’s Dates and Times for Castleisland Parish Graveyard Masses

The list of Friday evening Castleisland Parish graveyard Masses will span the summer and touch on autumn from May 31st to August 2nd. In each graveyard in turn and at 8pm with the exception of the June 7th Mass which will be at 7pm and in Castleisland parish church.  ©Photograph: John Reidy

This summer there will be a series of graveyard Masses throughout the parish and all the ten burial grounds dotted around Castleisland, Cordal and Scartaglen are included in the itinerary.

The first Mass will be celebrated on May 31st on Maher’s side of Kilbanivane Cemetery in Castleisland on Friday, May 31st at 8pm.

All the Masses will be celebrated on Friday evenings at 8pm with the exception of the June 7th Mass which will be at 7pm and indoors at Castleisland parish church.

The list from May 31st to August 2nd is as follows:

On Friday, May 31st Mass will be held on Maher’s side of Kilbanivane.

On Friday, June 7th. Mass for all in the Nuns Cemetery beside the parish church and the priests buried in the three church grounds.

This Mass will be held at 7pm in Castleisland Parish Church.

On Friday, June 21st on the Pembroke’s side of Kilbanivane at 8pm.

On Friday June 28th in Kilmurry Graveyard, Cordal at 8pm.

On Friday, July 5th at Tobar na bhFionn in Cordal at 8pm.

On Tuesday, July 9th at Kilnananima Graveyard in Cordal at 8pm.

On Friday, July 12th in Scartaglen Graveyard at 8pm.

On Friday July 19th at St. Stephen’s Graveyard, Castleisland at 8pm.

On Friday July 26th in Old Kilbanivane, Castleisland at 8pm.

On Friday, August 2nd St. John’s Graveyard, Castleisland at 8pm.

A Reminder from an Old Headstone:

Remember friend as you pass by,

As you are now, so once was I,

As I am now so you shall be,

Kneel down and say a prayer for me.

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