Water on the brain on St. Patrick’s Day

We had water on the brain here in Castleisland as the hours and minutes ticked down to the 1-30pm start to our annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Most of us were peering skyward and silently hoping / praying that God and St. Patrick were on good terms – even after the referendum on Crimea.

Many of the catering- business people in the town were looking at their kitchen and pub –counter taps as a water-shortage alert had been posted by Kerry County Council due to a burst mains pipe in the area.

Many of us here are just getting over the fright we got from the flooding on Wet-Friday, January 24. It was nearly gone off the topics board. There’s only so many times you can repeat: “Wasn’t it a fright about the flooding,” – but the very leaking of the news of water shortages brought it all back in on top of us again.

However, the sky, cloud sullen and all as it was, looked like it would hold its tears and Hail Glory St. Patrick Dear Saint of our Isle would get the clear run the local organisers hoped for.

However, with great irony or a twisted sense of humour, it rained at twenty five past twelve – with no water in the taps still  – or sparkling.

The rain cleared though and held off for the duration of the parade and well beyond.

Castleisland and its wonderfully supportive, neighbouring villages took to the streets with great abandon and showed the rest of the world that we really can do it when we want to. Fair play to all involved. I was going to ask Charlie Farrelly if the organisers were happy with the day. He was surrounded by people thanking him for what they had just witnessed. And I heard him saying: “What a turnout there today.” No more needed.