Second Abandoned and Vandalised Car Appears

Car 2BYou’ll see, further down this page, a couple of photographs of an abandoned and vandalised car in the yard of Garvey’s SuperValu car park from last week. You can read that it was under investigation at the local Garda station. This week, another damaged vehicle has ‘appeared’ and this time in the car-park of the local area services centre – or the Old Railway Yard – and no more than a couple of hundred yards from the previous incident.
Last week’s vehicle was a Waterford registered, Silver coloured Volkswagen Passat which had taken a right bashing and had its windscreen smashed in what looked like a hatchet attack.

Wicklow Registered Audi

This week’s car is a Wicklow registered Audi . It has had some of its vinyl roofing gartered around a passenger-side skylight and its back window has been smashed in . The front, driver’s-side wing also got a thump from something solid. Gardaí will be anxious to find out if the two incidents are linked or simply isolated coincidents.
The Castleisland Garda Station can be contacted on 066 71 41204. ©Photographs: John Reidy 21-3-2014