The Mystery of May 16 & 17

PJ Teahan & friends promising a couple of great days in May.
PJ Teahan & friends promising a couple of great days in May.

Castleisland’s PJ Teahan is a confirmed disciple of Caoimhín Mac Aodha for the past couple of years. He, PJ that is, took a leaf from the Donegal man’s book in May 2013 and created a thing of beauty that impacted on Castleisland and Scartaglin. That single, downward stroke enriched the already deeply cultural bedrock of both places. Downward – only because of the Donegal to Kerry thing.  PJ has several circles drawn around Friday and Saturday, May 16th 17th with ideas for a further plan of enrichment in the two areas already mentioned.

Phenomenal Response

The circles have left an imprint on the calendar in the months of June and July. They only barely show signs of abating right up to and including December – in spite of the quality of the paper. The response to his ideas have been phenomenal and, I suspect that’s reflected in the bold check mark – the last one he entered there. It too is showing up on the December page – a fact that speaks for itself.  It’s a bit like what happened here last year: The circles, this thing-of-beauty made, have reached parts of America and are still reverberating away over there. How do we know? A backwash brought it all back home only recently and it’s all very positive.

More Information

It augers well for May 16th and 17th. PJ seems to have avoided the full moon and the last quarter and election day and the count and any other pitfall which the month of May might throw in his path. That’s all I know for now. But I’ll have more information on Monday evening at 5-30pm right here on The Maine Valley Post. Happy Easter