Kerry County Juvenile Track & Field Championships Results

The rain held off for day one of the Kerry County Juvenile Track & Field Championships at An Riocht AC in Castleisland on Saturday, May 3rd. It was a day of heated competition, especially in some of the older age categories. Day 1 is traditionally sprint day with ages U-9 to junior competing in some fast and furious races.

Highlight of the day in the field events was Adam King from Iveragh throwing 70.32m to qualify for the European Youth Olympic Trials that will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan on 30th May. Day 2 of the county championships will be held on Sunday, May 25th. Any missing results and relays will be included at that time.

Track results: Girls/Junior Women 

U9 60m: 1 Eabha McCarthy (Farranfore Maine Valley), 2 Mia Griffin (Spa

Muckross), 3 Tara Burke (St Brendan’s).

U10 60m: 1 Grace Roberts White (Kenmare), 2 Beth McCarthy (Kenmare), 3 Ellen Kelliher (Farranfore Maine Valley).

U11 60m: 1 Katelyn Leen (St Brendan’s), 2 Sadbh Louth (St Brendan’s), 3 Muireann McElligott (Lios Tuathail).

U12 60m: 1 Aoife Horgan (Lios Tuathail), 2 Ava Fitzmaurice (An Riocht), 3 Rebecca Falvey (St Brendan’s).

U13 80m: 1 Amanda Tony (Lios Tuathail), 2 Maeve O’Connor (Gneeveguilla), 3

Ciara McCarthy (St Brendan’s).

U14 80m: 1 Fiona Doyle (Star of the Laune), 2 Ruth Courtney (Spa Muckross), 3 Elinor Dennison (Kenmare).

U14 girls 800m: 1 Fiona Doyle (Star of the Laune), 2 Alyce O’Connor (Kenmare), 3 Laura Dwyer (Iveragh).

U15 100m: 1 Christine McCarthy (Kenmare), 2 Sally O’Mahony (St Brendan’s), 3 Lauren O’Grady (St Brendan’s).

U16 100m: 1 Sarah Leahy (Spa Muckross), 2 Rachel Bowler (Tralee Harriers), 3

Rachel Moriarty (Lios Tuathail).

U16 250mH: 1 Ciadhra Ni She (Tralee Harriers), 2 Emma Godley (Tralee Harriers).

U17 100m: 1 Aoife O’Carroll (Tralee Harriers), 2 Aoibheann O’Brien (Tralee Harriers), 3 Christine Cooper (Spa Muckross).

U18 100m: 1 Amy Cronin (Gneeveguilla), 2 Orna Foley (Tralee Harriers), 3 Ciara Lynch (Lios Tuathail).

U18 400mH: 1 Christine Cooper (Spa Muckross), 2 Jenny Godley (Tralee Harriers).

U18 800m: 1 Muireann McKenna (Lios Tuathail), 2 Christine Cooper (Spa


Junior Women 100m: 1 Siobhan Donegan (Lios Tuathail). Junior Women 800m: 1 Sarah Cooper (Tralee Harriers).


Boys/Junior Men

U9 60m: 1 Mike Galvin (Lios Tuathail), 2 Jack Ryan (Lios Tuathail), 3 Bobby O’Riordan (Lios Tuathail).

U10 60m: 1 Alex Hennigan (Spa Muckross), 2 Bobby Byrne (Tralee Harriers), 3 Josh Coffey (Star of the Laune).

U110 60m: 1 Robert Monahan (St Brendan’s), 2 Robert Stack (Lios Tuathail), 3

Jack Shanahan (St Brendan’s).

U12 60m: 1 Breanndán Walsh (St Brendan’s), 2 Jack O’Leary (Gneeveguilla), 3 Adam Healy (An Riocht).

U13 60m: 1 Gary Randles (Kenmare), 2 Owen Healy (Tralee Harriers), 3 Kieran Harrington (Kenmare).

U14 80m: 1 Francis Cronin (Gneeveguilla), 2 Peter O’Sullivan (Spa Muckross), 3 Fergal O’Brien (St Brendan’s).

U14 800m: 1 Francis Cronin (Gneeveguilla), 2 Jack Falvey (Tralee Harriers), 3

Conor O’Brien (Kenmare).

U15 100m: 1 Gary Cronin (Gneeveguilla), 2 Jamie Harrington (Kenmare), 3 Cathal McLoughlin (Tralee Harriers).

U16 100m: 1 Nikolia O’Connor (Tralee Harriers), 2 Liam Casey (Gneeveguilla), 3 David Fitzmaurice (Tralee Harriers).

U16 800m: 1 Fiachra Clifford (Star of the Laune), 2 Nikolia O’Connor (Tralee Harriers), 3 Tristan O’Donoghue (Spa Muckross).

U16 250mH: 1 Nikolia O’Connor (Tralee Harriers), 2 David Fitzmaurice (Tralee


U17 100m: 1 Jason Roche (Tralee Harriers).

U18 100m: 1 Cathal O’Reilly (Tralee Harriers), 2 Rossa Foley (Farranfore Maine Valley).

U18 800m: 1 Darragh Browne (Lios Tuathail).

U18 400mH: 1 Jason Roche (Tralee Harriers), 2 Cathal O’Reilly (Tralee Harriers). Junior Men 100m: 1 Jason Foley (Lios Tuathail), 2 Adam Barrett (Tralee Harriers).

Junior Men 800m: 1 Conor O’Mahoney (Tralee Harriers), 2 John Paul Breen (Gneeveguilla).

Junior Men/U18 3,000m: 1 Darragh Browne (Lios Tuathail), 2 Matthew Collins (Gneeveguilla), 3 Cathal O’Reilly (Tralee Harriers).

Field Results: Girls/Junior Women

U10 Turbo Javelin: 1 Grace Roberts White (Kenmare), 2 Abby Dunlop (Kenmare), 3 Louise Kennedy (Farranfore Maine Valley).

U12 High Jump: 1 Katelyn Reid (An Riocht), 2 Liath Lenihan (Farranfore Maine

Valley), 3 Eve Roberts White (Kenmare).

U13 Javelin: 1 Maeve O’Connor (Gneeveguilla), 2 Ciara Kennelly (Gneeveguilla), 3 Ciara Kearney (Farranfore Maine Valley).

U14 Hammer: 1 Fiona Doyle (Star of the Laune), 2 Ava Burke (Gneeveguilla), 3 Rachel Campbell (Farranfore Maine Valley).

U14 High Jump: 1 Fiona Doyle (Star of the Laune), 2 Ciara Kennelly (Farranfore Maine Valley), 3 Elizabeth Stack (Spa Muckross).

U15 Javelin: 1 Elinor Dennison (Kenmare), 2 Lauren O’Grady (St Brendan’s), 3

Riadh Malik (St Brendan’s).

U16 shot: 1 Aoife Doyle (Star of the Laune), 2 Sarah Leahy (Spa Muckross), 3 Lauren Barrett (Tralee Harriers).