A Trip back on Election Friday Favourite

For those of you not yet fed up to the gills with elections and politics – and many of the canvass-weary politicians are by now – have a look through our Election Friday Favourite this week.

It’s quite a random selection from files going back over the past couple of decades and I thought our readers might enjoy the political pot pourri that it represents.

In spite of what you think of them and their parties do spare a thought for those going up for election today. It takes great courage on their part. It is a blood sport and I’ve witnessed scenes of great joy at the counts over the years. And believe me I seen lots of the very opposite too as candidates, staring defeat in the face, try to hold themselves together for the inevitable interviews and photographs.

I certainly can’t help but have pity for them – but that’s not something our cameras take into consideration as they search out the highs and lows of these occasions at our promptings.